"The protagonist of Henny on the Couch is a New York mother we can all identify with - bright, harried, striving, and hopeful. You want her to be your best friend. This is a book for any woman who's ever had dreams for herself or wondered what became of them."
 - Amy Sohn, author of Prospect Park West

"Rarely has there been a novel that has dealt quite so honestly with the issues that assail urban women today. Unflinchingly honest and devoid of self-indulgence, Henny on the Couch is a compelling, brave, and beautiful novel."
 - Kaylie Jones, author of Lies My Mother Never Told Me

"Soodak's first novel, about an affluent New York mom and her rocky relationship with her own mother, considers several mother-daughter parallels . . . Set against the backdrop of the Big Apple, which Kara clearly loves, the book examines Kara's life ... in writing that flows. . . [this] portrait of a privileged upper-class New York mom rings true."
 - Kirkus Reviews